Using Swimlanes

Swimlanes are an advanced feature that helps visualize how work is distributed in your organization. It splits a Kanban board into multiple swimlanes, where each swimlane shows the cards for a distinct property of the cards. For example, you can make a swimlane board by ticket resource, which shows a swimlane for each member that has tickets assigned, as well as a swimlane for tickets with no assigned technician. This makes it very easy to see how work is distributed among your members.

All the swimlanes share the same column configuration, and the top of the page shows a summary of each column with the WIP limits for that column and the number of tickets in that column in all swimlanes.

You can collapse a swimlane to temporarily hide it from view - just click the  icon beside the swimlane header.

Swimlanes change the layout of a board. On a non-swimlane page, the board columns scroll to show all cards, but the page as a whole does not scroll vertically. But on a swimlane board, both the columns scroll and the whole page scrolls to allow viewing all the swimlanes.

Here are the fields you can use for swimlanes:

For service boards:
  • Project
  • Project Manager
  • Resource - this will show a ticket in multiple swimlanes if a ticket has multiple resources
  • Priority
  • Location
  • Team
  • Owner
  • Company
  • ConnectWise Board
For sales boards:
  • Company
  • Opportunity Type
  • Sales Rep
  • Inside Rep
  • Status
  • Priority
  • Sales probability

Dragging Between Swimlanes

Tickets can be dragged between Resource swimlanes to assign and remove members, but not between any other type of swimlanes. We're considering making this possible- let us know if this is something that would rock your world.

Dragging a ticket between resource swimlanes will remove the member whose swimlane it is originating from and add the member whose swimlane it is placed in. This will only affect the two members, origin and destination- any other members on a ticket will not be modified.

If you are moving a project ticket, you cannot move the ticket to a member who is not assigned to that project. To do this, in ConnectWise first add the member to the project.

You cannot change a ticket status as you drag it between swimlanes. You can either drag between columns in one swimlane, or between the same column in different swimlanes, but not both simultaneously.

If you drag a ticket from a member to the 'No Resource Assigned' swimlane, it will remove all members from that ticket, not just the member in whose swimlane the ticket originated.

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